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Article: The strength of the design

The strength of the design

We've noticed that some people have expressed concerns about the strength of our product because it appears lighter and more delicate compared to typical products. We understand that this claim may seem reasonable, but it's actually a common mistake made by those who aren't familiar with the strength of structures made with carbon fiber materials.

The strength of a carbon fiber sheet can vary depending on the specific materials used. That's why we use only the highest-quality carbon fiber raw materials and combine them with the perfect resin ratio and advanced manufacturing techniques to achieve the desired results. We conduct repeated tests based on the strength of the chosen materials and determine the limits of structural design before launching what we believe to be reasonable products.

In other words, ordinary carbon fiber sheets cannot meet the requirements of both weight and strength simultaneously, and can only compensate for the material's limitations by using conservative designs and increasing thickness.

We hope this helps clarify any concerns you may have. Thank you to those users who love our products.