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Assembly tutorial

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Regarding the confuse of assembly tightness

Some customers have expressed concerns about the tightness experienced during the assembly of the QUADMULA frame and when locking the screws. They feel uneasy about the tightness of the process. H...

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The strength of the design

We've noticed that some people have expressed concerns about the strength of our product because it appears lighter and more delicate compared to typical products. We understand that this claim ma...

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Comparison between Siren F3/F5 Mini/F5

Siren F3 includes Siren F3 and Siren F3 SplitSiren F5 Mini includes Siren F5 Mini and Siren F5 Mini SplitSiren F5 includes Siren F5 and Siren F5 Split   Siren F3 Siren F5 Mini Siren F5 Max Pr...

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