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Registered Small Packet

Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the expected arrival days are significantly delayed

United States, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, South Africa, United Kingdom, Bahrain, Yemen, Romania, Brazil and other countries have stopped providing online tracking and inquiry services for international registered parcels.
Therefore, you will not be able to continue tracking the package online after it arrives in the destination country.

Arrival time


Country  Arrival days
Central America 10-15
Brazil 30-40
Canada 30-40
Caribbean region more than 15
Argentina 10-15
Rest of South America more than 21
USA West 7-9
rest of USA 8-10
Mexico 10-15


 Country Arrival days
Central Europe 8-11
Denmark 13-16
Northern Europe 8-11
Eastern Europe 8-11
France 7-10
Southern Europe 8-11
Spain 14-20
U.K. 7-10
Netherlands 7-9
Germany 7-10