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Article: Share video about SF3 or DF25 on Youtube

Share video about SF3 or DF25 on Youtube

Share the videos about Siren F3 or Djinn F25 on Youtube.
We will select 12 winners and send them a mysterious package after the event ends.

There are no restrictions on the format of the video, it can be a flying video or a product introduction video. The duration of the video is limited to 3-10 minutes. You can also use previously uploaded videos as entries, it doesn't have to be a newly uploaded video.
The video title must include QUADMULA and Siren F3 or Djinn F25. If the title does not include them, this video will not be eligible for participation.

Please submit the Youtube video link to If you are selected, we will use the email address you submitted to contact you.

The list of winners will be announced after the event ends, and packages will be sent out. The event period is from 11/28 to 12/3. Please submit the video link and your contact information to our email address.

Selected List - 

Freaky Drones
chris miller
Slappy FPV
Allen Mitchell
Jason Romair
Crashtopher FPV

QUADMULA reserves the right to interpret the final activity.