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Djinn F25 Split

Sale price$47.00

“I ain't no dead cat. I'm Djinn.”

Djinn F25 is the inaugural product in our Djinn F series, it's an absolute game-changer. When it comes to performance, design, and durability, it stays true to the iconic style of the QUADMULA Siren F series.

But here's what really sets it apart: when paired with the DJI O3, it achieves a level of flight and recording purity you won't believe – no props or frame body blocking your view. It's pure cinematic bliss.

In the process of creating the Djinn F25, we set the following standards:

🚫 Zero interference vision

Isn't an unobstructed flight experience just exhilarating?

🎥 Perfectly matched O3 stabilize recording

Through specially designed TPU camera side plates, all motor noise will not be transmitted to the lens of O3, allowing for perfect video recording under any conditions.

🛸Reasonable thrust-to-weight ratio

We've meticulously calibrated the weight, allowing 2.5-inch propellers to provide precise control.

💪 Durable structural design

If QUADMULA ever releases a structural design that compromises strength, we'll let you know – but that's not today!

🔧 Convenient assembly

We don't compromise on the deadcat structure, and there is only one type of arm specification, which makes maintenance easier.

🕒 Extended flight time

With 3000kv motors, 2.5-inch quad-blade props, and 650mAh HV 6S battery, you can cruise for up to 8 minutes at low speed, and 3 to 5 minutes of freestyle flying is effortless.

🌬️ Wind-resistant

This is something you have to experience firsthand; words can't describe it.

🎛️ Easy tuning

The default settings are enough for most people to have a blast, but for those with a high demand for control, the slider adjustments might make you question reality.

Weight 52.75g
Wheel Base 130mm
Frame Type Sqaushed X
Stack Mounting 20x20mm (M2/M3)
Camera Size Nano/Micro/DJI (14/19/20mm)
Motor Mounting 9x9mm (M2)
Vtx Mounting 20x20(M2)/ 25.5x25.5(M1.6)
Support Prop Max 2.5inch
Standoff Height 20/25mm
Djinn F25 Split
Djinn F25 Split Sale price$47.00