YFS 12.9 M2 Countersunk Screw Package

$3.50 USD
YFS is praised by the industry for its excellent internal quality and appearance-black gold steel.

Grade 12.9 screws refer to ultra-high-strength screws made of SCM435 alloy steel with a small tensile strength of 1220 MPa and a hardness of 39-44 HRC. It is mainly used in the textile, hydraulic, injection, and machinery industries, and most of the manufacturers are Taiwan-funded enterprises.

It is the best choice for FPV drone.

Length Weight (pcs) Includes
5mm 0.12g 40/pcs
6mm 0.13g 40/pcs
8mm 0.18g 40/pcs
10mm 0.21g 40/pcs
12mm 0.23g 40/pcs
14mm 0.28g 30/pcs
16mm 0.31g 30/pcs
20mm 0.37g 20/pcs
22mm 0.41g 15/pcs
23mm 0.43g 15/pcs
25mm 0.47g 15/pcs
28mm 0.5g 15/pcs
30mm 0.55g 15/pcs

Quantity may vary ±1pcs

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