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Siren F5 Split

Sale price$75.00

In the latest version we nixed the OG Air Unit setup, trimmed the overall length, beefed up the tail's structural strength, all while keeping the weight steady at 105 grams. For versions before March 2024, just swap out the top plate and main plate, and you're all set with the latest version!

The Siren F5 Split is a 5" freestyle frame designed with a focus on lightweight and compatibility. Its improved thrust-to-weight ratio enhances the agility of thrust response during intense flight.

In the initial design, we aimed to fit the largest blade in the smallest wheelbase of only 233mm. When equipped with 4.9-5.1” props, it ensures efficient spacing between props for better control flexibility. It can even accommodate 5.5” props at maximum. We've also ensured ample equipment installation space at the rear of the frame, allowing for nearly all Vtx on the market to be installed.

We've used our most advanced C-Lock structure for easy arm replacement by removing just one bolt. This structure also adds to the frame's strength and tuning ease.

With the QUADMULA PS-3 profiled spacer, the GoPro mount can be securely affixed to the top plate without worrying about screw tightness or crushing the TPU.

The SF5 Split features a staggered bottom plate design that lowers the center of gravity, but it does require higher assembly skills.

Weight 105.5g
Wheel Base 233mm
Frame Type Sqaushed X
Stack Mounting 30.5x30.5mm (M2/M3)
Camera Size Nano/Micro/DJI (14/19/20mm)
Motor Mounting 16x16mm (M3)
Vtx Mounting 20x20(M2) / 25.5x25.5(M1.6)mm
Support Prop Max 5.5inch
Standoff Height 20/25mm
Screw Material YFS 12.9 Class
Standoff / PS-3 Material 7075 Alloy