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Siren F3 Split

Sale price$45.00

Currently estimated to be restocked in end of June

Siren F3 Split is a 3" freestyle frame that focuses on a lightweight and compatibility body. It has a better thrust-to-weight ratio, making the thrust response more agile during intense flight and cinematic shots.

At the initial design, we considered putting the structure of a 5” frame into a 3” body. Keeping the design of interchangeable arms and the sufficient space for equipment installation, Siren F3 Split fly much like a 5” frame but lighter and smaller. 

In the meantime, we use the C-Lock structure which is our most advanced design. You can easily replace the arm by removing only one bolt. It also increases the strength of the frame and makes it easier to tune(Less filter, higher PID).

In addition, with QUADMULA PS-2 and PS-3 profiled spacer, the 3D prints TPU can be fixed more firmly on the plate. you no longer have to worry about the tightness of screws or crushing the TPU.

SF3 Split uses a staggered bottom plate design which results in a lower center of gravity, but also requires higher assembly skills.

Weight 54.2g
Wheel Base 145mm
Frame Type Sqaushed X
Stack Mounting 20x20mm (M2/M3)
Camera Size Nano/Micro/DJI (14/19/20mm)
Motor Mounting 9x9mm / 12x12mm (M2)
Vtx Mounting 20x20 / 25.5x25.5
Support Prop Max 3.1inch
Standoff Height 20/25mm
Screw Material YFS 12.9 Class
Standoff / PS-3 Material 7075 Alloy